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Individual counselling, relationship therapy, sex therapy 

Online and face to face

About  Me

Individual Counselling, Relationship Therapy,
Sex Therapy

My aim in every interaction is to allow people to connect with themselves and their true concerns. My original interest in becoming a therapist developed from my thirty-year career in nursing. So many times, I was working with people struggling to make sense of life events and challenges; it felt important to develop the skills to really listen and understand what someone was facing. I have found over time that however difficult the circumstances, what makes a difference is being given the space to be truly heard.


After training as a nurse, I worked in oncology, later training to be a Health Visitor, working with young children and families. The last twenty years of my nursing career were spent as a specialist in sexual health. This role was supporting people with complex issues such as, coping with sexual identity and sexual trauma.

I worked as a volunteer for MIND for many years as a Person-centred therapist. It was then a natural progression to develop my practice to work with people in their intimate relationships.  I trained with Relate, where I gained my Masters degree in Relationship Therapy. Most recently I have completed a Diploma in Sex Therapy, accredited by COSRT (College of Sexual and Realationship Therapists) working with issues such as difficulties with intimacy, unreliable erections, and vaginismus. 



Where do you work?


I work in person from a small clinic in Wheatley, just outside Oxford.


Holistic Treatments | Wheatley Complementary Therapy Clinic | Oxford


I also work online using Teams or Google Meet.


I can work with individuals or couples in the UK and in Europe.





Individual £60


Relationship therapy £75


Sex therapy   as above.



Can I speak with you before I decide?


I am very happy to schedule a call or Teams meeting for you to work out whether I am the right person for you. This is at no cost to you and with no obligation.

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